No road, no race………160km you have to wait……..

So the last month has been a tough one for me! More mentally than anything. I have had to put serious thought in to the goal that got me running in the first place. My first 100miler. At this stage I have been only able to run for the last few weeks which has been restricted at best! Limited to time and terrain which certainly has made running 160km on road seem a little to far from reach.
I have been kept to trail running as the continuous motion the road gives my ITB is causing it to remain inflamed. Running on the trails allows me to never really place the same step twice and seems to keep the friction to a minimum.


However this does not bode well for attempting to run 160km on the road. With flights booked and sights set, it has been hard to see that the most sensible option here is to not race in November. A tough one to swallow but 160km on the road with not enough time in my legs is probably not my smartest idea to date! Over the last year I have come to love running and to throw it all into one race, at the risk of injuring myself to the point where I would be out of running for months on end is not something I’m willing to do just yet! There is far to much running in this world to be done.

Now don’t get me wrong I love the trails so secretly its not to bad but it is hard to walk away from a goal having not achieved what I set out to do! One day I will get that 100miles but this year it is not meant to be. I have a few other races (Trail) lined up and am hoping that this niggle I have had for a few months, departs sooner rather than later.

Not the outcome I wanted for this race, but never say never as I will one day complete that around the mountain solo race. It is hard not to be a little disappointed when you don’t get to follow through with a goal, but I am sure there will be more opportunities for me to give it a hit out.

So for now those 160km’s of road can wait. However they will not be forgotten. I’ll be back!

But in the mean time I’m going to make the most of the trails and enjoy the fact that I can play in the mud without being told off!

Yours in Mud



~ by Connie Richards on August 28, 2014.

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