What next….

So the last few weeks have been an interesting time for me with my back and of late a little niggle in the knee! I love injuries!!! NOT The biggest test I believe with injuries is the mental side, the self doubt that creeps in as you continually try to run with no success, this I find is what eats away at me more than anything. All you want to do is run but you also know you need to let it settle!!! Arrrrh image Injuries suck and I hate letting them get the best of me which I feel I have been so thanks to Tymeka (my running buddy) I’ve entered another race in Adelaide in September with the hope it’s the kick in the butt I need to break this cycle! (living in a house of runners is all the motivation I need). It certainly goes with the saying surround yourself with the right people and I am fortunate enough to be under the same roof at the moment. Since my attempt at the 100km my attitude towards the 160km has changed. Not in a bad way but more so with what I have learnt and know now I need to race a different race. There is no going out guns blazing as the result is no good, more its a long way and all on the road so the aim will be to take care of my body as much as I can over that time. My aim now: I want to complete the distance having PACED myself correctly the whole way. That way what ever the result I have left myself enough in the tank to finish the race and hopefully not have done anything to major to my legs! With running long distances there is just so much to learn and I have plenty of that to do. Im not sure anyone is ever an expert but the experiences and knowledge gained with years of running goes a long way! So I’m a very fresh in the running world. I believe though the best way to learn is to try and you will either succeed or fall short but what you learn as you go only builds your knowledge and experiences. Being that I am very unexperienced in the world of running I am trying to learn as much as I can as quick as I can. Good things take time so I also need to learn to be patient. Something I’m maybe not so good at ha! image


~ by Connie Richards on July 20, 2014.

2 Responses to “What next….”

  1. Running injuries are the worst for sure! There’s nothing worse than having someone tell you that all you can do is just rest and not run.

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