A topic that breaks me………..

Everyday we are exposed to images and advertising that flood our newsfeed with body transformations, de-tox’s and fitspo images. All in the aim of gaining that ideal body image that we all crave. Well to be honest it makes me furious, it is a debate I don’t mind putting my two cents in worth too. The effect these images and constant battering or this ideal beach body is harmful not just to adults, but to the young girls and boys that are not given a choice due to their parents eating insecurities.

How about we just breathe take a step back and see how much this barrage of bullshit is effecting the youth of today. It upsets me to think that everyone is after a quick fix and at any cost. Who cares if we ingest a drug that is harmful, who cares if we drink a liquid diet for weeks all for the sake of looking good! Whats wrong with us!

I get asked all the time about fat burners or what diet do I follow? Well I can tell you right now there is no diet, there never has been and there sure is no fat burner, and never has been!!! I eat whole foods and I exercise! Pretty simple really!
I feel good inside and out and I love the fact more that my food and body image doesn’t consume me. My heart breaks for the young ladies of the future who are exposed to such worry as they are led to believe this is how it is! Eat well and move, don’t be lazy with your cooking make time for you health.

We all know the drill so stop looking for a quick fix your only cheating yourself. Look for a life long solution one you can enjoy and maintain. I used to follow all the fitness and fitspo pages on social media it used to consume me to the point I got upset! So I deleted and bid  farewell to the constant garbage and hello to normality! It was so refreshing to do and I have never looked back. It is something I highly recommend doing if you suffer the constant beat down of social media. Just hit that un-follow button and feel the stress shift!

Be happy with who you are and teach the youth of the future how to live a active and healthy lifestyle. We all owe it to one another.


~ by Connie Richards on July 31, 2014.

One Response to “A topic that breaks me………..”

  1. Absolutely. Following too many fitness blogs is (ironically) unhealthy. And I might gently add, a bit self absorbed. Over the long haul, our focus on ourselves (body mind & spirit) & our focus on serving others should be balanced. Thanks for speaking the truth about all of the fads out there!

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