Yurrebilla Ultra…..

Wow it’s been a while! I’m not sure if i am being lazy or just life is busy but it’s time to put pen to paper or in this case fingers to keyboard.

A lot has happened for me in the last month or so, my injury finally gave up the fight and I could run, I am moving into my first home and of course Uni assignments are never ending. I’m the first to admit I like living in the fast lane but for me everything always comes at once.

Last weekend I flew to Adelaide with some running buddy’s and competed in the Yurrebilla Ultra. The race is 56km of mostly hills, heat and wind (well last weekend it was anyway). It was only 4-5weeks ago that I was still battling with a running niggle in my knee, this race had been entered but the idea that I may actually be able to finish it was a little up in the air. However we went, we ran and we had fun! Plus I saw like 5 Koalas just hanging out in the trees, always an added bonus when you are from Kiwi land.10666088_281927078673683_6091657563480888651_n

This ultra is known as the gourmet ultra. It’s food and drink stations are so well stocked it was like a smorgasbord, I didn’t know where to start when I arrived at them!! Lamington’s, fruit cake and fruit were some of my selections on the day but there was so much more on offer. The other awesome aspect of the race is that the locals get out to the course and support all the runners coming through, kinda cool when you are from out of town.10710770_281979145335143_9006048748147962351_n

The run is loaded with hills so plenty of ups and downs. You run through bush and open fields scattered with wild flowers. There is a good mix of single trail, fire trail and road so plenty of variation for your legs over the distance. The views looking out towards Adelaide city from the hills is something rather special and the wildlife make this run one worth putting on your list of to do’s!!!

For the race I used my Solomon hydro vest, which even though we had ample drink stations I’m glad I had as it was super hot and windy. I had to refill my flasks at every drink station minus the first one or two. I kept on top of my nutrition with Endura Gels every 30-40mins and ate what I could at the aid stations. Even if I was only consuming a few mouthfuls I knew it was better than none and I avoided any major tummy upsets. The biggest thing for me was to keep the fluids up so stopping to get a few cups in was key. There were times when the wind was barreling past and the heat was intense I would question what on earth I was doing but that soon was forgotten as I concentrated on one foot in front of the other and realized how stoked I was just to be out there running pain free.

For me the race went a little better than expected after my wobbly build up. I placed 2nd to Beth Cardelli and also felt I took a step in the right direction with my pacing experience. So another good learning experience but also so much more to work on!! These legs need plenty more work before I tackle another adventure so always back to the drawing board to plan and prepare for what’s to come……..



~ by Connie Richards on October 1, 2014.

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