Pain, Pleasure and the European Mountains – Sky Running Worlds.

No words needed just that im off for a run after reading this!!

Running on the Edge

Epic Start Line! Credit to Jean-François Cabre Epic Start Line! Credit to Jean-François Cabre

If you had asked me 12months ago where I thought my running would take me the answer would certainly not have been “to Chamonix for the Sky Running World Championships”. After all I am just an amateur runner, a Queensland  boy who was once overweight and known more for his drinking ability than his sporting prowess. So it was quite surreal to find myself sitting in Chamonix…the home of mountain adventure staring up at the majestic peaks the night before the race.

Even more surprising was my complete lack of pre-race nerves! I was completely clam, relaxed and content, perhaps I shouldn’t have been? But I knew why I was so relaxed…. I had already well exceeded my wildest dreams just getting here and to be honest I was almost certain an amateur like me wouldn’t be factoring in anywhere NEAR the pointy end…

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~ by Connie Richards on July 9, 2014.

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