Injury blues…

Well I have been terribly lazy on the blog this month been rather busy since the race and also been injured something I don’t bond with well.
After the race I had three uni exams so it meant head in the books and not a lot else. With all the sitting down my Psoas muscle (hip flexor) decided to jam up. I can say I have never experienced as much pain as that week. The one night it was at its worst I couldn’t walk and had to do some sort of roll into my bed from the floor. I think a few sneaky tears amongst laughter got out! You quickly realize how much we take for granted being healthy.
With two weeks of forced rest, which I probably should have had any way I am finally on the mend. I have had physio and regular massage and am able to run with little pain so a gradual build up over this week and next and hopefully I get the green light to get back to the good stuff.
It’s almost a guarantee in running that you will at some point experience injury, most runners are not a fan. However sometimes you do just have to stop and repair. It’s not just the physical or lack of it we hate but mentally I think people find it hard. Injuries are inevitable how you respond to being injured is something you can control. Trust me it is not the end of the world and with most little niggles and minor injuries you bounce back and sometimes for the better as the body has had time to recover.
The biggest thing is to listen to your body it will know when it is ready to hit the road again.
Onward and upward lets see what the next few months bring, I have a sneaking suspicion its got me some hills!!! Watch this space………..


~ by Connie Richards on July 4, 2014.

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