Post race report….

On sunday at 6:10am the gun went and I began the first leg of what was meant to be 4 in my first 100km race. Now as soon as the gun went I was aware of telling myself to slow down BUT I really suck at this pacing business and I felt good so away we went! The pace at which some runners launched into this race was insane I was like whoa its 100km not meters! They were so impressive. It was hard not to get carried away. It was a mild day on Sunday and not a drop of rain in sight so it was a very picturesque run the whole way too and from Kirra.

As we set off I attempted to stick to my race plan as we rounded the first hill out of Burleigh people were jostling for positions myself included (first fail) and very quickly the race plan went out the window. The aim was to try hold around 5min/km (which I know is probably to fast for me for 100km but the idea was to see if I could crack the qualifying time for NZ for the world champs) or just over and for the first 50km I sat in between 4:40-5min/km. This felt good at the time, however what struck my legs later did not. The first 50km flew by I was surprised as I thought that I would have become bored with looping the same track all the time. However I had people to talk to and sat on a few others heals, I always find that helps with making the time go by and breaking the head wind that had started building with the sunrise. 


We plodded along and rounded the turning points. All was going as expected, nutrition was ok minus my little wardrobe malfunction with my sipper bottle, first mouthful and the lid poped off causing me to get covered in gel!! Delightful ha! Nutrition is key in these longer runs so it was important to nail this. I was sipping on Endura gel every 15mins as I find the full gel on the hour gives me a crook stomach and at each end so every hour roughly I was consuming endura optimizer which is a blend of carbs, protein and electrolytes. 

On the turning mark at the 50km my support person asked how I was doing I answered with a yeah not to bad even though I knew inside that I was in trouble and that I had gone to fast at the start. I continued on the first half of the third lap but this is where the wheels really fell off! Halfway down my legs went nope thats us done for the day!! I could barely move, it was a feeling I had never had before, I couldn’t decide if they were going to cramp or they were completely seizing up. It brought me very quickly to a grinding halt! I was all of a sudden walking/ running however the walk was much faster than the run! I knew I was in trouble now! 

I managed to stumble my way to the Kirra turning point which was 62km as I came around the corner I knew there would be no more. Now part of me hates not finishing so my mind was debating what to do at this point. Give up or push though!? However this race was to be used as a training run the result wasn’t important for me. I opted to pull the pin which I hate doing but knew if I continued I, 1: would be out there for far too long and 2: I would risk injury which could put me out of my main focus the November race. 

So at 62km I retired from the race. A lot was learnt from this race and many positives still taken. I clocked through 42.2km at 3:27 and 50km at 4:10 which are times I can be happy with. I can also take away that the block of training I had just completed was exactly what I needed and need to continue with to develop my running. All in all I was happy to walk away knowing I’m only 9months into my running career!! wahoo exciting things to come I hope. 

So maybe a hiccup not finishing but certainly not a fail! Even if you don’t quite gain what you want you can still take away many positives. 

Next adventure please…. well after a week of letting the legs recover!! To the pool me thinks!




~ by Connie Richards on June 11, 2014.

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