Let the running begin… 100km on a Sunday

So tomorrow I have my first hit out in a 100km road race in the Gold Coast 100! www.goldcoast100.com The training has been done which seems like it was a lifetime ago and the taper has left me feeling fresh and ready! The idea that I actually am about to embark on that distance is still just an idea! However 5hours in to it tomorrow and Il know that it is not just an idea. Its been an awesome journey from last August until now. I decided after the Kokoda Challenge that I wanted to run around Mount Egmont in my home town in NZ. I wanted to do something crazy, that not many do. I was lucky to find that in long distance running. Since then I have run in many places around the Coast and met some of the most amazing and inspiring people. Experiences you can’t buy and ones I can’t wait to keep having! 

In the last 6-8weeks of training I have learnt more about how my body handles the load and fatigue than I have in a very long time. I also have learnt that if you want something you make a choice and chase it with everything you have got. So tomorrow is a big stepping stone towards the long-term goal of 160km in Taranaki. 6:10am is kick off and Il still be be out there while your enjoying lunch ha. That part freaks me out! At the moment the nerves are non-existent, however I know they will build as the day goes on. I am pretty sure they will peak when I know I need to go to sleep, thats when I get excited about what the following day will bring. All these little parts to racing are what make it an amazing experience. One I wish most people would get out there and experience. It is such an amazing feeling I guess thats why I can’t give it up.

Most of all I can’t wait to experience how my body deals with the journey tomorrow. My aim to enjoy every minute and KM I am out there. Il leave you with the idea that everything and anything is possible! Start with a silly idea and let it grow!! Who knows where you will end up and who you will meet along the way, but the journey is amazing I can assure you that!

Il be looking forward to crossing that line tomorrow. 

Yours in running………

Connie Richards Fitness Blogger x

“Impossible is Nothing”



~ by Connie Richards on June 7, 2014.

3 Responses to “Let the running begin… 100km on a Sunday”

  1. Knowing u Connie u will enjoy every km. You always seem to throw your whole self into whatever you do & I have to admire that in you. I’ve watched your progress this past year & know you are so prepared for the round the mountain that tomorrow will be a walk in the park for you. Far out it’s like running down to Wanganui from here. you will be awesome as you’ve done the prep & have a great day xx

  2. Great post! Your post helps me to get all my fitness need under one roof at Gold Coast Bootcamp. Thanks for posting.

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