Run Wild………..

So lately I have been pumped by uni so have been suffocating in a pile of paper and my laptop. Arrrhhhhh!!! The semester is drawing to an end which means a little breather for me coming soon! Thank God! The last month has been hectic with uni, loosing two jobs and running some mammoth miles. But whats life with no hurdles. Now that the running is slowly starting to ease the tiredness factor is lessoning. I noticed while I was in the thick of those big runs I was super tired and unable to deal with little stressors of life. A few mini meltdown occurred. Now that I am coming out the other side of that fatigue I am starting to feel quite good. The last few runs have felt smooth and the legs are ticking over nicely. Finally the work that I put into the legs over that block feels like it is paying off. 

When building for an event or putting in a block of solid training it is important to not become discouraged. More often than not people get into the hard slog in a build up for an event and loose interest as they are constantly tired and not seeing improvements. But one must remember this is where the hard work is done, the strength is built and the money is put in the bank. Remind yourself how good its going to feel when your not tired and that if you can train in this state its only going to get better. Image

The other key factor to remember is that even if you want something so badly like for me for example, to run faster. You must remember that this takes time!!!! Be patient. It doesn’t happen in three weeks it doesn’t happen in 3 months but it does happen. If you put together solid training blocks time and time again you will see the improvements. You must remind yourself to just keep building your base. You will find that when it comes time, and the volume of training is dropped you will start to see the results. Thats when the light bulb goes off anf you realize all those long hard grinds are worth it.

For me I had week after week in the last 6 week block that I felt like rubbish in some sessions. The mind starts to play games, thoughts like if i can’t string these weeks together however am I going to last 100km become louder. But at the exact moment I was feeling completely overloaded my coach dropped me back in my long runs and what a difference that makes. I feel alive rather than in some psycho zommbie state. So if you feel like your in a rut, hold on to get through the block you are in, or communicate with your coach as it may just be a simple tweek of your program and that will be enough to get you through.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, don’t loose hope yet. Just think of all the long hard milage as money in the bank and you want that savings to grow so that when you start spending you have ample savings to use. 

Run wild…….



~ by Connie Richards on May 23, 2014.

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  1. Reblogged this on Running with Buddha and commented:
    Even though I am at the beginning of my marathon training, still fresh, this blog reminds me to make that deposit, building my base. So down the road when the running distance gets long, and I am tired the base run will carry the day.

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