No limits…….why I heart running

Running is one of those forms of fitness that you constantly chase that extra km or that steeper hill! I think that is what I like about it. You can run well and win races but you always search for more. Wether you are just beginning or have been running for some time. Running has to be one of the most addictive forms of fitness I know. Once you start you can’t get enough! You always just want to improve. I am constantly searching to better myself! 
The best thing about running is it offers much more than just fitness, you meet great like minded people, you see some of the most amazing scenery that most people miss out on and finally the health benefits are huge.You can be addicted to running, or you may enjoy it socially or you may chose to chase running glory. The best part is there are so many distances and forms of running that there is no shortage or chance of boredom. There is always something for everyone. 

I have to admit I am addicted ha! I heart trail running and am looking forward to getting back in there soon. With trail running you are out in the fresh air enjoying nature and the views you are often spoilt with. Trail running is not just for the boys! Females are running trails and running trails well all around the world. So ladies if you get the chance to go take it, you will not be disappointed. The destinations that are on offer for trail running are huge so if your traveling or have trail access locally get out there and see what is on offer.  You will wonder why it took you so long to go. 

In under a month I line up for my first 100km road race. To be honest I’m a little nervous but also excited to see how the last block of training has paid off. Initially I was hoping to gain a qualification to world champs however at this stage the world champs are canceled so this at least removes the time pressure at this stage and I can just concentrate on running to the best of my ability. Training has been going great, however I still have had the odd run not go my way. I guess better now rather than later. I have to learn that you can’t always run well and to learn from the runs that don’t go to plan.

For the 100km race there are many things other that just running to worry about. Working for around 9hours the body definitely needs to be fueled. So trialling with some gels and other nutrition supplements is key. Working out what works best for you prior to race day is crucial. What socks will you wear, are you going to tape your toes to avoid blisters, what clothing best suits the conditions etc etc the list goes on. These are all things that need to be tested and thought of prior to such a large event. The list gets bigger when you hit the trails as you need to be self sufficient in most races and have to carry mandatory gear out there. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So if in doubt ask someone will be able to answer your query. 

Always prepare for everything and anything that could happen, if you have prepared you are a step ahead all ready. 

Finally I highly recommend digging out your running shoes and hitting the pavement or trails. There are so many races covering all distances that picking a running goal is easy. While you work towards that goal you are doing your health wonders so check out what is on offer and start you winter blitz now.

Running has no limits as to what can be achieved! So make it part of your regime. 



~ by Connie Richards on May 8, 2014.

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