Running Madness…….

So I have completed my first 3 weeks of my 4 week cycle. I am now on my download week, bring on the fresh legs next week, I’m already excited. So far so good minus a little hiccup at the start of the 4th week. My calfs got so tight that I thought I had done an injury to my achilles tendon! Panic Stations!!!! I absolutely freaked out to be honest I started dreading the worst so gave my legs 2 days of rest with plenty of ice and compression, plus a few sessions of torture via massage. We discovered that it was more a tight Soleus muscle causing me grief. Your Soleus muscle is the muscle that sits under you Gastrocnemius the main belly of muscle on your calf. I had super tight Soleus due to me being lazy with my after run care.



So after a few torture sessions on the massage table and a few nights sleeping in compression gear (lucky no one saw me looking like such a freak, the things you do!) I was ready to ease back into it on the Monday of my 4th week. All went well and I managed to do 113km even with missing a solid Monday! Lesson learnt do my stretching and maintenance! Not only is specific training important for your sport but all the little extras allow you to keep the specific work up so don’t forget!! All the little things like recovery sessions, rest days and stabilizing exercises are crucial to keeping your feet hitting the ground so don’t think you are invincible. 


Tight calfs are a very common injury in runners, also it can cause the tenderness felt in the achilles tendon. so the best idea is to strengthen and stretch but be careful not to over stretch. A good strengthening exercise to build your calf muscles up is with eccentric heel drops: Stand with the balls of your feet on a step. Rise up on both balls of your feet. Once up, take one foot off the step. Lower down on the other foot, dropping your heel below the step. Rise back up, then return your other foot to the step. Do 15 – 20 reps, being mindful of how it feels don’t try and over do it on the first day to make up for lost time. Listen to your body you will know when you have done enough.



Trying to stretch with the flat dog helping with abdominal massage, It may just be my secret weapon!

On a more exciting note I discovered a website with all the Ultra marathons that are registered around the world……………the options are endless! This got me thinking while out on one of my many training runs. I started to throw the idea around of doing one ultra in every continent, I know this already will have been done and I still have a good year of study to do before even looking into it BUT it could be on the running bucket list!! There are just so many to choose from, In so many amazing countries. I have a bit of research to do and I also just need to get through this one in November first, before I even think about starting to make any crazy ideas come to life.

I might hate running after November, who knows!! 

My mates think I am a tad mad but that is what I love about it! It is madness and that is what excites me the most…………

Tell me I can’t and I am sure I will try and prove you wrong!! Stubborn kiwi……………………




~ by Connie Richards on February 4, 2014.

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