Home is where the heart is…………..

So my last day at home and I finally get to sit down and write a blog!! Home has been awesome catching up with family and friends. The weather may have not come to the party so much but I’m sure ill be heading home to warmer climates on the Gold Coast! I have almost managed to use the last few weeks as a training camp having clocked up 98km in the first week and 55km so far this week. I have had some awesome runs off road in the trails and up the mountain which I’m lucky enough to have in my back yard. This is the mountain that I will run around next time I am home, a rather majestic sight.



It has been a nice change for me mentally and for my legs to not be so much on the road so this is something I really want to continue when I get back to the coast as I know there are some awesome hills to climb over there! New Zealand definitely has some amazing scenery which makes it so worth the effort you put in to get there. The track is to the Pouakai Hut the recommended hiking time is 2hrs 30mins! My goal was to run most of the way for some hills training. I completed it in 50mins which saw me run a huge distance of 4.81km haha so you can imagine it was uphill and steep all the way. Steps steps and more steps………..it looked a lot like this for the whole way.


My father who hiked up after me completed it in 1hr 15mins so was hot on my tail. Doing a run like this is awesome as the views and freshness of where you are make the run seem no where as bad as it normally would feel. Your mind is well sidetracked. This was the view from the hut and the lake which is just over the ridge. Made it all worth it. 



The coastline in the distance is home. Seems a long way from up there.



After a quick photo shoot with my father we were off again as it was a little crisp up the hill, I didn’t want to get to cold before the decent and the 20km run home. After a slower decent I hit the road and hoped like hell the legs would last the distance. My nutrition had been rather lame a banana and a gel!! Breakfast of champions ha………… Anyhow it got me home and now my arse is firmly planted on the couch. Room service please Im not keen to move off the couch. I clocked up 3hrs 40mins of training today pretty happy to say that is enough for today. 

Well after all of that and now the fact I am sitting still (not out of choice, just the legs need a rest) I have had time to reflect and plan the year ahead. Nothings set in concrete as you never know what things life can throw at you, nothing is guaranteed. But I do know I’m going to make the most of every minute of 2014 and chase some of these crazy goals I have set myself. For all of you who have set goals or decided on some new years resolutions remember consistency is key! Your biggest goal should be to not let the idea or goal fizzle out, stick with it through the tough times and you will get whatever it is you may dream of. 

For me to run and run and run and run……………….

A quote I liked from a book I read recently “Just move your legs. Because if you don’t think you were born to run, you’re not only denying history. You’re denying who you are”……………………………….This I play in my head as a constant reminder!!! 



~ by Connie Richards on January 2, 2014.

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